Why visiting Milos island is a must

March 6, 2021

Milos Island Photographer

Welcome to my blog post dedicated to the beautiful island of Milos. Located at the heart of the Aegean Sea and being one of my favourite Cyclades Islands, Milos and its abundant Cycladic architecture will make sure to steal your heart.

Why visiting Milos island is a must

Cyclades Islands and especially Milos, are one of Greece’s top destinations. Me and my brother, Konstantinos Liopetas, a very talented cinematographer and director, visited Milos Island last summer for the first time. We shot the branding session of the ‘rib boat tours’ company ‘Salty Rides’.

I know that weddings and portraiture are some genres I like mostly to show, but branding shoots for companies and fashion are my secret obsessions.

Anyway, our tip schedule was separated in three days. 

The first day was a free-of-duty days. The owners, Manolis and Athina, decided to make a beautiful Milos island walking and boat tour for us.

The island has so many beautiful places to see. And when I say so many, I mean countless, like most of the Cyclades Islands. Some of the best places we visited were Poliegos and Kimolos islands near Milos. The Syrmata villages of Milos were so cool to see and learn the history behind them. The capital of the traditional Cycladic architecture, Plaka village was one of the best sights and had ‘the best sunset in the world’.

Continue reading to learn more for our trip.

10 things to do in Milos Island

Milos Island is famous for a lot of reasons. In this paragraph, I will share with you some of greatest memories and what makes me saying such good things about the island.

First of all, Milos Island and especially Plaka village have maintained the traditional Cycladic architecture in an unbelievable way. The famous aesthetics of Cyclades, including the old white houses with the blue doors and windows, are so inspiring. Also, the traditional food of Milos has been preserved so well. I still cannot forget the so yummy ‘peltedofeta’ slices, the traditional snack that Milos’ mums have been feeding their kids with. What took my breath away was the beautiful sunset fro Plaka village and more specific the sunset view from ‘Panagia Korphiatissa’ church.

What made me finalise my decision that Milos id one of the most exotic destinations you can visit in Greece were two amazing places. The first was Fyriplaka Beach, an amazing sandy beach with houses built inside the mountains. A real ‘heaven on earth’. And having visited Fyriplaka, I was thinking ‘Ok… I visited the best thing I could see in Milos’. So the next day we visited Sarakiniko. What can anyone say about Sarakiniko. I will try to describe. Sarakiniko beach was something out of earth, it was like walking on the moon. What we lived there, was an amazing lunar experience, which was created by waves driven by north winds that snapped the greyish-white volcanic rock into amazing shapes that made the area be referred as a real ‘moonscape’ on earth.

Live the Milos Island experience with the best

If you want to live the greatest experience of Milos Island, then you should totally live the rib boat experience. And if you decide to do, then do it in style, hiring the ‘Salty Rides’ team.

You will be able to admire the most exotic sights of Milos from the right point of view. Yet, you will live the fast boat experience, with great hospitality, amazing traditional food and some available add-ons including waterspouts and many more. 


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I would be more than honoured to be the photographer of your vacation in Cyclades Islands and especially in Milos. Feel free to get in touch and discuss how we can turn all your dreams and plans into beautiful photographs!


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