Seven Years Anniversary at the island of Mykonos

July 4, 2022

Visiting Mykonos island for vacation

I love Mykonos island. The experience is magical. And when I say magical, I mean it. There is something is the island’s breeze that makes everyone so beautiful and everyone keeps on having fun.

This beautiful couple came all the way from Los Angeles, California to Mykonos Island in order to celebrate their love and their seventh wedding anniversary. Their idea was simple, just a quick stroll around Mykonos centre. What I proposed was much more simple. I asked K+D to trust me and follow my leed and when they feel tired or bored we will finish shooting.

Guess what happened… We finished 3 hours later and we created tones of magical portraits around the island of isles.

Beautiful aura, Amazing shooting vibes

As I love to connect with every client of mine, I immediately shared with K+D how much I loved their style. They replied very kindly how much they loved my work and then the journey begin.

As I love to say to my couples, a shoot with us is an experience. I love humour so much and I love to laugh all the time. I love to socialise and of course getting to know every person better and better. I think this is my Ace of Spades and helps all the couples to feel comfy while shooting in any place.

I would be more than honoured to be part of your wedding celebration in Greece and the island of Mykonos. Feel free to get in touch and discuss how we can turn all your dreams and plans into beautiful photographs!


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