Plan Your Wedding Celebration at Mykonos Island

June 14, 2022

Why choosing Mykonos Is The Best Decision To Take

Although a destination wedding can be held in whichever place a couple can dream of, choosing a safe choice can only be a good choice. Mykonos Island, known for its luxurious and high end events is the best choice a couple can make for its destination wedding.

Mykonos is part of the Cyclades group of islands, lying between Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos island. Known as a top notch destination around the world, Mykonos can hospitalize from the most enormous 5 day wedding events to the most simple, yet elegant, elopements.

Having lived the experience of the COVID period, all I can say is that I was more than honoured to have photographed some of the most cozy weddings ‘for two’. Now, that restrictions no longer exist in Greece, amazing wedding celebrations are taking place and I am more than happy to be shooting in Mykonos Island this weekend, too.

Focusing on the Style of Your Wedding

An intimate wedding in Mykonos means that you can plan the fairytale wedding you were dreaming all your life. All you need to do is to – simply – hire the right professionals. And by saying the right pros I mean those being familiar with the island as the island’s schedule is not as simple as you may think.

You may think that the best idea is to relax and let everything on the island’s beauty. I totally agree with this but if you want to have some great portraits and live the Mykonos’ experience at the same time, you should go with Mykonos familiar choice!

More Time to Capture Your Special Moments

Having a great wedding timeline and a group of professionals that are familiar with Mykonos island can only be good. You will have all the time needed to create some amazing portraits and you will also have the best of guidance to choose the right location, depending on your personal taste.

Together, we will create a hand crafted timeline, designed especially for you and you needs so that we can make sure to create numerous timeless portraits and beautiful moments between you, your other half and your beloved wedding guests.

All you have to do is relax and let yourself go to the island’s vibe.

Focusing on the emotion

From my experience, the less stressed you feel, the more emotion we will be able to capture. Hiring a team of vendors that make you feel less stressed, the more cool you will feel during your wedding celebration. And in my opinion, the most important thing for your wedding day is only this.

Having a gallerie of images that focuses on the emotion.

Mykonos island from my Heart’s point of view

As I really love Greece and all its perspectives, I can only say that Mykonos is such a beautiful island. This blog post could be full of wedding portraits, created at the island of Mykonos. Instead, I preferred to visualise my love for Mykonos in some images I created during my latest visit.

Born and raised in Western Greece, from a very early age, my love for the sea and the seek for the island vibe could not be hidden. Since I was a young man, I remember myself loving to explore all the Greek beauty, including some of the Greek islands.

After many years of travelling for destination weddings and personal travels, I can only say that I feel so happy I was born and raised in such a cool place I can call ‘HOME’. And having been privileged to sail in all those Greek islands, all I can say is

‘I cannot wait to meet you in person and capture all those special moments of yours!’

I would be more than honoured to be part of your wedding celebration in Greece and the island of Mykonos. Feel free to get in touch and discuss how we can turn all your dreams and plans into beautiful photographs!


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