Beautiful pre wedding photoshoot with a Vespa, a Volkswagen van and a twist of a cinema love story

July 23, 2022
Beautiful Pre Wedding session that combines the African forest beauty with the Aegean Sea breeze

How far would you travel to make the most iconic pre wedding session? As a film lover I was always inspired by the old world romance, the Italian finezza and every walk hand in hand by the seashore.

This portrait session completely made one of my dreams come true as I always wanted to photograph at queen Africa and her endlessly wild forests, which I didn’t, but the vibe in the beginning of the session remains the same… This turquoise Vespa made our shoot have a taste of Italian pizza and our cute little picnic by the sea made me think of Los Angeles and those ceaseless beaches.

Hope you love this love story as Anna Maria and Nick are getting married today so every positive wish and vibe will be welcome. Peace and love to everyone.

I would be more than honoured to be part of your wedding celebration. Feel free to get in touch and discuss how we can turn all your dreams and plans into beautiful photographs!

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