There will come a time where you will seek for words outside words, for moments outside the thread of thoughts, for images that cling to the beating of your heart. That is where you will find your shared enthusiasm, the truth you have been living, the actions you took towards your dreams, the dancing and singing to your own music, the walks, the talks, the embrace of your blessings, your mates, your soulmate, your roots, your off-the-record record, and your deposited love: exuberant, raw, delicate, genuine, completely infatuated, new again, in your wedding story.
My job as your wedding photographer is to take the time and weave this storyline for you. Inspired by your sincerity and kindness, I will document your wedding with contagious enthusiasm, as your mild director and patient curator, capture beyond the obvious, the sweet in-betweens.
You inspire each other every day to be better, to smile harder and dream louder. As you entirely have each other’s hearts I will make sure your commitment is held onto with chased curiosity, ever so gently with a smile. Your big day will be sealed in timeless images, as I will create your portraits with minimal fuss and maximum style. Be it on a rainy autumn’s day or balmy summer night, be it an intimate event or a grand fete, to me it makes no difference.
Wherever in the world, your love has taken you I will follow your footsteps. For everything you have been dreaming the sky is not the limit. You see, there are footprints on the moon…!


My wedding photography has taken me to some of the most beautiful destinations across Greece and the Greek Islands. I have traveled to France, Italy, Portugal, and beyond to follow my brides and grooms, but that is not how my journey started! In fact it all began -like most love stories- with loud, rip-roaring music; hardly a movie sountrack, rather the one I would create on my own. I wanted to be a rockstar, composing chords and lyrics to create timeless stories that speak from the heart. Growing up in a family of photographers my story was already unfolding and life’s grand plan underway. I soon realized that the music in people was the one my heart was seeking and their biggest moments compose sweetest lyrics. From newly engaged couples, to graceful oldies and entire families my wish is to preserve their perfect tune together in a tailored approach. I’ll chase the light, the full-blown style, the winning moment and those when you laugh hard and love harder, but I will still be inspired by the small and obvious because when a love story takes place my fun begins. Whether I’m shooting an elopement the Greek islands, an open wedding in the port of Portofino, or an affair in the streets of New York City, my soul soars when the plane takes off, so in the words of my favorite song: Come fly with me!

I look forward to hearing your story

+ What inspires your photography?

I believe that we are here to make the world a better place. That betterment starts in our homes, with our partners. Life may seem like a wilderness-like experience and the bonds we establish are the reward for going through it. My photography is inspired by these invisible little threads that keep humans together, the slightest movement, the lucid gaze, the action one takes towards their beloved, and the art of it all. As a child I’ve always tried to escape the law of gravity, and as a wedding photographer I have found this is possible because souls soar when they’re deliciously happy next to their kin and folk.

+ What is your photographic style?

Fine art photography is the heart of my style! In its visuals I have found a mysterious, magical language where even the simplest form turns deliberately into a work of art. This may sound vague and posed but it is the movement and the natural light that create unforeseeably beautiful moments my brides and grooms will forever cherish. I am preoccupied with offering my couples organic images that speak of their music together.

+ What is your process?

Getting to know my couples and offering good opportunity to get comfortable with each other is important. My process is to inobtrusively capture the moments I know speak volumes to your heart and to deliver pristine, heirloom images.

+ How do we enquire?

Kindly send an e-mail to or visit my contact page and fill in the form.

+ Can we meet for a chat before our big day?

As I will be arriving to meet you one day prior to the big day we will have plenty of opportunities to discuss scheduling several Skype dates long before we meet.

+ Do you offer wedding albums?

Photography is meant to be shared, treasured and preserved. I wish my couples to receive something truly unique and palpable. I offer fine art albums and prints.

+ How do we book you for our wedding?

Please start by sending an e-mail to request my detailed services checklist and availability dates. At the moment I am already receiving bookings for 2019-2020.